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Nordic Book Adventure

Aurora - David Koepp

Aurora - David Koepp

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Tittel:  Aurora 

Forfatter: David Koepp 

Leveringstid: Bestilles fra England estimert leveringstid mellom 5-14 dager.

Tilstand: Ny

Type: Pocket

Sider: 304

Språk: Engelsk

ISBN: 9780008364168

Sjanger: Fiksjon / Thriller / Krim / Mysterie / Spenning 



Soon to be a film from Netflix and Oscar-winning director of The Hurt Locker Kathryn Bigelow. 'Fantastic story, a real page-turner. Impossible to put down' Stephen King 'Forget a good night's sleep.

Aurora is epic' Linwood Barclay When the lights go out no one is safe... When a solar storm hits the earth, electrical power is knocked out across the planet, and the blackout could last for years. Soon food becomes scarce, and the rule of law begins to collapse.

In their small community, Aubrey and her teenage stepson now face the biggest challenge of their lives. Across the country, Aubrey's estranged brother Thom, a self-made billionaire, retreats to a desert bunker where he can ride out the crisis in perfect luxury. But the complicated history between the siblings is far from over.

As Aubrey struggles to live, what feels like the end of the world is just the beginning of a long-overdue reckoning , and not everyone can survive...

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