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Nordic Book Adventure

The Last One (Deluxe Limited Edition) - Rachel Howzell Hall (Forhåndsbestille)

The Last One (Deluxe Limited Edition) - Rachel Howzell Hall (Forhåndsbestille)

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Tittel:  The Last One

Forfatter:Rachel Howzell Hall

Publiseringsdato: 23 Jul 2024

Tilstand: Ny - Forhåndsbestilling

Type: Hardcover

Sider: 496

Språk: Engelsk

ISBN: 9781649374400

Sjanger: Fiksjon / Fantasy / Romanse 



The Witcher meets N.K. Jemisin in a new series from NYT bestselling author Rachel Howzell Hall where a young woman learns the world is about to be destroyed by an evil, destructive force...herself.

My name is Kai.

I wish I can say that my life has changed.

But I don’t remember my life before today.

I wake up, naked and voiceless, in a forest outside a town called Maford. Everyone I meet there either fears me or loathes me. Strange beasts, otherworldly creatures, hunt me. Each time I fight them, I unlock new powers—seeing the glow of death, moving objects with a flick of my hand, controlling the weather.

I do have a weakness.

The moment I touch another, a piece of me dies. Yes, I’m dying every day.

That’s why I need to know right now: who am I? What am I? I need answers before I perish.

But my amulet—the source of my power—has been stolen. I know the thief—Adara and I were friends. Or so I thought. She lies. Now, I must work with her brother Jadon, the town’s blacksmith, to reclaim all that’s mine.

There’s a problem, though. A white-haired woman named Elyn has come to Maford, and she claims that we are old friends. Like Adara, Elyn also lies. She’s stronger and stranger than me, and she’s trying to stop me…

From what?

I don’t know.

But I must be powerful.

I must be someone.


OBS! Legg merke til at dette er en forhåndsbestilling! Det betyr at den ikke vil bli sendt ut før publiseringsdato og vi har mottatt denne på lager.

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